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Do you want to be an SEO Expert? Then this best content is for you!

Skytaa Best SEO Expert Says

Skytaa is going to give you a simple way to learn SEO. If you need to be the SEO Expert, you should follow our guidelines. Our guideline is to give you the best knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. You will achieve a full idea and an easier process to do the Best SEO to rank your website. If you think that the SEO is most complicated, just throw from your mind and stand back again. Skytaa will explain such as way that you must be realize and able to do it easily. Just ready to learn and do it. Firstly, think that SEO is a very easy matter.

Secondly, you will be able to learn and become an SEO Expert within a few days but it is a condition for you. You have to be attentive to the learning time. Your good concentration is an important thing to learn properly. On the other hand, you have to follow our rules of discipline. Don’t jump to the update line during the learning moment because you can never reach the goal point exactly. As a result, you will fail to do it. For example: If you want to cross the largest river and are confused about boat 1 or boat 2. After that, you will fall into the river. Therefore, you have to learn step by step and surely you can reach your goal.

Skytaa good seo rank

Start Learning SEO Step by Step become an seo consultant

To become an SEO Consultant just concentrate that I will learn all the processes of the best SEO. And I will succeed! Whatever the process is for SEO, I enjoy learning from it where a large number of people have succeeded. Why can’t I? Why not? Because I’m human. For example, someone becomes a successful web developer. Many people have become successful as software programmers. How could they? How are they successful? The above education systems are very complicated yet they have succeeded.

However, the SEO education system is much easier than the above education system. So, you should start your steps with concentration. Hopefully, your steps will never stop as you walk the easiest path. Skytaa SEO Consultant will teach you in such a simple way that you can easily succeed. Also, there are so many SEO Consultants available in the world like Brian Dean, Neil Patel, and many more. You can follow them too. Therefore, follow our process step by step and you will touch your target place. Note that Skytaa will teach SEO from A to Z so that anyone can learn easily.

Step One: Do you want to be the best seo expert ? So you need to know what is SEO.

If you want to be the best SEO Consultant, you must know what SEO means. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Also you have to know SEO optimization. If I summarize, when a website is easily found in a search engine using a specific word or phrase. Thus a website, page, or product gets the highest ranking. Such a process helps to bring the website, product, or page closer to the eyes of the people. Hence it is called SEO.  

Now if I explain in detail then I would say that should choose specific keywords. Which makes it easy to find a product and a website or a page by searching in a search engine. And thus the method of finding any necessary information is called SEO. However, there are some methods of finding and using which keyword or keywords when and how. After that, SEO will become easy if you learn these methods gradually. Although there are many famous and expensive search engines in our world, we will always choose Google.

keyword search queries

BE an SEO EXPERT - Step Two:   How many types of SEO and what are these?

Mainly there are 3 types of SEO as follows: 1.       On-Page SEO
  • Firstly, you have to know what is On-Page SEO ‍as a best seo expert and how to do it. In short I will tell about On-Page SEO is simply done inside of the website. For example, you have change a header in a page according to the keywords and that is called On-Page SEO.
2.       Off-Page SEO
  • Here, you have to know what is Off-Page SEO and how to do it. In short I will tell about Off-Page SEO is simply done outside of the website. For example, you have looked for more traffic for your website and make marketing in a social marketing site. And that is called Off-Page SEO.
3.       Technical SEO
  • Technical SEO is the most important thing for a site. You need to know what technical SEO is and how to do it. In short, if I were to explain technical SEO, I would say, it means solving the technical problems of a website. For example, you find that a page on your website does not open. This is a kind of technical problem. When you solve this problem, think that it was a technical SEO and you solved it.
Note: Do you want to become a professional SEO Consultant? So, click on all the links above and below to learn step by step through all the required pages.

For the best seo expert - Step 3: What are keywords and what are their types?

  • A simple definition of keywords:

Do you want to become an seo consultant? Therefore, you have to know about keywords. We know about the word. So why add “Key” with the word? We know also the key can open the lock. If you think fun, yes, this is fun but good activities. I mean, this key can open or find the action word/words and we can get our necessary things, pages, or sites using these words. That is why we can call them as Keyword or Keywords. Therefore, we can say in short people are using words or phrases to look for their necessary products/pages/sites are their called Keyword/Keywords.

Notice in the image below that when I search by typing best seo expert skytaa here my site appears at the top. And thus you need to research and find your intended focus keywords.
top ranking search result

To be BEST SEO EXPERT - Step 4. What steps should be taken for keyword research?

Use your own thinking for the Best SEO:

  1. Brainstorm some ideas well thought out and create some words or phrases with relevant word/words understanding your client’s needs. Next, create a keyword list in a Google Sheet with words/terms relevant to your site’s content and URL.
  2. Then go to the Google search engine and search one by one with your selected keywords. Now you have to look carefully, how much demand is there for any of the keywords. Also, see how much traffic the keyword has. However, there are some tools to better look at keyword demand and traffic. You also need to know how to use all those tools. Whatever, you also need to research carefully follow the “search queries” such as below:
SEO Search Queries

Research Keywords in Google Search Engine to get a good SEO:

3. After that scroll down a bit and pay attention to the Google suggestions. For example, some keyword instructions will be observed as shown in the image below. But you have to remember one important thing. That is, do the keyword research through the location you are using. For example, if you want to do SEO for someone in America, search using Google USA. Whatever that is, then you have to take keywords from the google suggestions and make a keyword list on the Google Sheet.

Let’s say you just wanted to research the keyword “seo expert”. Now scroll down a bit and see what Google suggests. What is shown in the image below is as per my location. However, this result will be displayed according to your location.

google suggestion

Our SEO Expert Says, Research Keywords in Google Keyword Planner to do better seo optimization

4. An SEO optimization company always wants to give the best effort to its clients. Because their SEO marketing search engine marketing policy and SEO services are always trying to be good. In addition, I think most of them prefer to Google SEO. According to a good company I will recommend to research keywords in the Google Keyword Planner. You can research your seed keyword in the Google Keyword Planner as free with your website’s URL. Also, you have to sort them in Google Sheet. But you should know how to use this Keyword Planner. I have explained everything broadly in another page. At a glance, I have explained here in short so that you can get a good concept here.

5. After that take all the selected keywords from the Google Sheet you sorted. First of all, use Keyword Surfer to research keywords. This tool is free so far from Google and select keywords again high demanding but with low competitors. You should check Keyword Difficulty (KD) too. Then make another Google Sheet again as named as “Keyword Planner by Keyword Surfer”.

6. Next, you can use the Ahrefs tool. This tool is also free but for a limited time. If you need to do unlimited research to get a lot of keyword suggestions, you can buy it or Ubersuggest or Semrush. In fact, using all the above free tools judiciously can get quite good results. Because I myself have been able to do quite well using free tools. Above all Google is giving us enough opportunities for free. So, keep studying carefully, hope you can do well.

After Researching Keywords Check again in Google Trends for the Best SEO Optimization

7. The above research Finally, you’re on Google Trends have to check them again. You need to test your listed keywords properly. Remember, your keywords or focus keywords are very important for your website to rank high. So, don’t bother to research more and more. After that, you should use keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Semrush, Ahrefs,, Mangools, Keywords Surfer etc. We know that will get some of them are free. Some of them are free but for a limited time and some of them are paid tools. First of all, we will learn using the free tools. If you need to check your focus keywords using paid tools you can. It is also pretty much a good practice. I have to think about students and that is why I will teach using free tools.

We Will Use Keyword-Researching Tools Practically Achieving the best Keywords

8. Now we will use a few of semi-free tools to research your created keywords. Remember that the following keyword-researching tools are free but limited. You have to register their sites and you will able to use them. When you are a student, you should do in their sites little bit and it’s enough. After the completing your learning moment, you can use paid tools because you can earn as an SEO Expert and pay it. For example, I will show you easily to use a few such as tools step by step like below:

i. First of all, we will use “”. You must make register in this site otherwise you cannot use this tool. So, don’t hesitate to sign up where I did it. Firstly, open this keyword tool site using this URL: then make sign up. After that, you have to sign in using your username and password that you used during the registration. Next, you will see the Account Page like as image below:

keyword io tool-01

Hope you have remembered about keywords listed on the Google Sheet after checking by Google Keywords Planner. Now take one by one and enter Your Seed Keywords into the Text Box under the GOOGLE Tab. Next, you have to select your Location from the Drop drop-down list where located United States (en) is shown already. After that just hit on the Search Button.

ii. Next put your selected keyword like me. For example, I put here “best seo expert” from my listed ideas and hit the SEARCH button once. It will appear in the list below:

We will use Keyword.IO to Research The Relevant Keywords

Now, select all targeted keywords from the left-hand side. You can see all of the selected keywords are being made a list on the right-hand side. You have to select them by holding the left-hand-side button of mouse and make copy them.

iii. Open another keyword tool like: and log in here. If you did not register in this site, you should sign up like and then log in. Hit the KWFinder button after that hit on “Go To App” on Top-Right side. Next, hit on the “Import” Tab and paste all the selected keywords above in mangools. Then select location from the Top-Right side and hit on the “Process Keywords” button. Now you will see the result details about your selected keywords. After that, you should determine to get your Focus Keywords/Targeted Keyword from this list below:

Now We Will Check and Select Keywords which are High Volume & Low KD

If you cannot proceed the previous what did I say above, just Click Here to learn more. By the way, take all necessary seed keywords from Mangools’s List to check Monthly Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty (KD). Make another Sheet giving the name “Mangools”.

For example, I took a keywords according to my researching here “best seo expert in Bangladesh”. Put them one by one and keep in the Keywords Plan Sheet. You can make this sheet with Keywords, Monthly Search Volume, and KD as in as image below:

Mangools Keyword Plan Sheet

How to Make a Spread Sheet for the Keyword Plan as a best seo expert

iv. Now look at the image above with the best concentration. I collected 2 keywords at the first rows from Mangools. The rest of what I collected from the Google Keyword Planner. See, I did not get the Competition Column’s quantity/volume in the Red Bordered two rows from Mangools. So, I will take this volume from Google Keyword Planner. Next, I will take rest of all KD from Mangools which will fill up the Blue Bordered Rows. Then we will determine that our Keyword Researching is completed. Finally, you should be select those keywords which are more profitable. We have to select them with the best sense to think about them. So that they will be more demandable but have low competitors.

Note: You will see above I explained but not sufficient. Why? Because anyone can be bored to learn everything on a page. I have explained everything detail in several pages so that you can achieve a good knowledge about SEO easily.

v. At the last moment you should check again going to your selected website where you need to make SEO. Are the website’s niches and your selected keywords relevant? If everything okay then you will start to write article in your web pages one by one using their Seed or Focus Keywords. See, how easier to make SEO. If you don’t know how write Articles you should learn it too. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to use SEO Tools like Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO etc. then you can learn easily in this page clicking above link.

Most importantly, check out the articles I’ve written teaching SEO. I also wrote everything according to SEO rules. So you can follow my style of writing if you want.

BEST SEO EXPERT - Step 5: How to write or edit an article using Yoast SEO Tool?

It is really difficult to do SEO without an SEO tool. Although it can be done but it is true that it will take a lot of time. Who wants to be left behind in the age of modern technology? Time is very valuable. So we can complete a page or article quickly by using any SEO tool. In this case we will learn the brief usage of the Yoast SEO tool. To learn more about this tool, click on the Yoast SEO Tool link and go to the specified page.

Following are the SEO rules recommended by the Yoast SEO tool

Yoast SEO tool mainly recommends doing SEO on 2 things and these are:

  1. SEO Analysis
  2. Readability Analysis

1. SEO Analysis

SEO analysis means whether or not the text length of your written paragraph or article is correct. Is the required image given? Internal or external links are provided or not. Focus Keywords refer to whether are used in the right place or not etc.

2. Readability Analysis

On the other hand, Readability Analysis tells whether the sentence length is correct or not. Is the spelling wrong? Transition words indicate whether or not they are used appropriately. In a word, readability analysis is done so that the reader can easily read your written article.


Finally, I will say once again, click on each link and go to the respective page to learn the details. I will not increase this page more length. We have carefully prepared different pages for your learning convenience. For example, I have given a link here. if you click it, you will benefit a lot. Because on this page I have taught the complete SEO using the Yoast SEO Tool of a niche of my own website. I hope you have benefited from reading my articles.

Become a skilled SEO practitioner.

Good luck with your long career!

Enjoy a nice career!

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Hello! I wanted to drop by and say that I really enjoyed this blog post. Your writing is always so clear and concise, and you have a talent for making complex topics easy to understand. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. I’m looking forward to your next post!

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Hello! I wanted to drop by and say that I really enjoyed this blog post. Your writing is always so clear and concise, and you have a talent for making complex topics easy to understand. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. I’m looking forward to your next post!

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