Save Time & Getting in Easier Way


No, you can get most of necessary things without login but getting all necessary matter should login.

Yes, you can login to Skytaa in pretty much easier way to just make register using your Email and Password.

Skytaa is a big marketplace. You can buy many kinds of digital products. Besides, you can get several kinds of digital marketing services like Content Marketing, Social Marketing, PPC Advertising(Google Ads) etc.

Yes, you can sell any kind of digital product on Skytaa Marketplace according to Skytaa Terms & Conditions.

First of all you have to create skytaa account and then login. After logged in open your account page to click on “My Account or Profile”. Then you have to create a vendor page and upload your file to respect the rules of Skytaa uploading system.

Yes, you can access your marketplace to make register normally but you have to change your profile as a vendor to full fill your exact data.

No, you have to make a Skytaa Account and login to buy any product.

First of all you have to know that it’s not called to hassle respecting any good rule. On the other hand, even it’s a number of benefit to make account because after making account you can login and you can buy any time without any hassle. Besides, you will get a free dashboard so that your buying file will be downloaded from that place easily. You will get financial notification both buyer and a vendor.

Affiliate program is a kind of business which is accessed and processed depend on the selling product by a vendor via an owner site and this program will be created an amount of benefit for it’s vendor and owner. All the selling procedure is being completed by the owner’s site and an affiliate will get an amount of commission from the owner or a vendor as like as a Sales Representative. This is called Affiliate Program.

You will get benefit to sell product without any hassle and investing money. That’s why you will do it if you are interested to do this program.

First of all you have to create an affiliate account in Skytaa to hit on Become an Affiliate from the footer section. Create you profile as an affiliate properly. After that you will select a digital product you wanted to sell as a representative of Skytaa and you should get the Skytaa Referral Link of the specified product which will be created automatically for you. Then you have to make marketing on the several Social Media getting clients. While any client will buy this product or any product via your Referral Link, your Skytaa Affiliate Account will progress by this commission. Note that you will get commission finally after 3 days because of Returns and Refund Policy. According to this rules any purchaser will not return this product than you will get this commission finally after 3 days.